Concept2Motion, LLC



About Us…

In 2008, Concept2Motion, LLC was created by freelance filmmaker, Peter (P.J.) Mozingo, to help businesses and individuals alike, achieve professional video production quality…at a cost effective price.

Let’s face it…marketing budgets never have enough money to get EVERYTHING we want, but that’s where we come in handy. Video production studios charge you for overhead that doesn’t apply to us. We may not have a fancy store front, large conference rooms or even a camera…ok…well maybe we do have a camera, but the rest isn’t needed to do what we love. Building an active network of knowledgeable, reliable freelance workers was just what was needed.

Why overpay for a video that will get replaced in a year? Concept2Motion is like hiring a coordinator to piece together equipment and talented crew members to produce quality, passionate content without breaking the bank. Every project is different, so we’ll explain what you’re paying for and where your money is going.


We Specialize in:

  • Aerial Footage (Photos & Video) **FAA Part 107 Commercial Certified**

  • Business Commercials

  • Product Promos/Launches

  • Live Event Filming

  • Media Conversions

  • and More…

If you have a project that needs a quote or would like to find out more, please either shoot us an email, give us a call or fill out our contact page.